New ‘Games of Thrones Season 2’ Poster Is Terribly Awesome

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Television

All of you Game of Thrones fans, we’ve only got another two weeks until season 2’s first episode airs on HBO.  And you see, the Home Box Office channel knows you love Game of Thrones so they’ve gone and thrown you a bone in the form of a poster for the television show.

The poster depicts Eddard Stark’s decapitated head on a pike with the words “The King Can Do As He Likes” scrawled on top.  It’s seriously one of the best subtle posters for any television show or movie I’ve seen in quite some time.  If you’ve read the book or seen the first season of the television show then you know that Ned Stark had his noggin chopped off because he was a labeled a “traitor to the King”.  The poster really makes you despise that little shit Joffrey all over again.

Season 2 hasn’t even started it yet and it’s already the best show on TV.  Damn.


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