Bear Grylls Loses Gig, Drinks Own Piss In Celebration

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Television

We’ve all seen Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild and Bear Grylls has just about become a house hold name.  Not because he’s overly likeable (on the contrary, I’ve read that he’s kindof a dick), it’s because he goes to the extreme with just about everything.  From eating baby turtles and goat balls to drinking his own urine for hydration…he’s just about done it all and we’ve just about seen it all.  I won’t lie to you, I enjoyed the show.

However, Grylls won’t be drinking his own piss on cable television anymore…well not immediately anyways.  According to The Hollywood Reporter Man vs. Wild has been cancelled due to Grylls refusing to participate in two unknown projects in which he was contractually obligated to.  Man vs. Wild first aired back in 2006 and has spent six season on the Discovery Channel to pretty good ratings.

Of course there has been some controversy to Grylls’ show in the past as it was discovered (look it up on YouTube!) that the show was pretty staged with Bear being flown in and out of the area between takes to stay at a local hotel and shit.  But still, entertaining it was.  There is no word on whether or not Grylls will pop up on, say, Animal Planet or the National Geographic Channel.  I’m hoping so because the next logical progression in his survival routine would be to eat his own shit, and that, my friends, is cable worth paying for!



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