‘John Carter’ Is Officially A Star, Now It’s Time For A ‘Gambit’ Movie

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Movies

Ever since “Tim Riggins” became a household character on the uber-popular NBC television drama Friday Night Lights, actor Taylor Kitsch was destined for stardom.  So it’s not surprising that Disney took “Tim Riggins” and cast him as “John Carter” in their upcoming sci-fi action-adventure title, in what was originally called “John Carter From Mars” but is now just John Carter.

Kitsch is a heart throb for all of those hormonal teenage girls, he was on Friday Night Lights and he still is.  He’s got the dirty long hair, the chiseled abs, and the square jaw that make him the perfect fit for every pretty boy role from here until the end of time.  He’s like the greasier Chris Hemsworth…and now that I think about it, wouldn’t it be awesome if Hemsworth and Kitsch were in the same movie together?  That’d probably be too much masculinity for one film, to be honest.  However, it’s not far fetched especially considering the two actors have played Marvel superheroes before.

Yep, while Thor might be the bigger star right now considering the popularity of Marvel superheroes right now and The Avengers film coming up this summer, you might remember X-Men: Wolverine.  While Hugh Jackman is the star of that film, as he is Wolverine, and even Ryan Reynolds took a back seat in the film…Taylor Kitsch made a cameo appearance.  It wasn’t a huge role for Kitsch but the role he played is one of the most popular X-Men characters…Gambit.  Yep, Kitsch made an appearance as “Remy LeBeau”, the card wielding tough guy.

Fanboys have been clamoring for a Gambit movie for ages now and rightfully so, Gambit is one of the X-Men who’s story is actually interesting and not a whole lot of people know it.  As a thief, before joining the X-Men, LeBeau used kinetic energy to power a deck of cards giving him a power source like no other. An X-Men: Wolverine sequel is supposedly being written and wouldn’t it be swell if Kitsch got to reprise his role in a bigger aspect?

Kitsch is going to be a star now that John Carter is bound to make $100+ million next weekend as the year’s first big blockbuster movie.  Nothing is a sure thing but I would bet that Disney has their eyes set on being married to Kitsch for a while, what better way then to fund a movie as the majority owners of Marvel (yes, Disney owns Marvel Studios) and have Kitsch star in a Gambit film?  Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


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