Steve Urkel Will Be Tearing It Up On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Television

Dancing with the Stars has quickly faded into the oblivion that is known as reality TV.  Sure, the show was pretty good for the first couple of seasons mainly due to some actual relevant TV stars making asses of themselves.  Now, in like the show’s umpteenth season, they’ve been reduced to getting has what’s and has been’s.

However, and I do mean however, there will one factor that plays into me even remotely accidentally finding this show on a random night binging on network television.  That would be the inclusion of one Mr. Jaleel White or as the world might better know him as, “Mr. Steve Urkel”.  I’m not going to waste time explaining who Urkel is if you don’t know…cause frankly, I don’t fuck with you if you don’t know who Steve Urkel is.

Steve Urkel might be one of the most iconic characters in television history.  If there was one thing you could count on in the 90’s it was terrible grunge rock and Family Matters.

Other ‘Stars’ guests include Maria Menounos (Extra! host), Sherri Shepard (The View co-host), Donald Driver (Green Bay Packers wide receiver), Martina Navratilova (former tennis champion), and Gladys Knight (singer).

Dancing with the Stars airs later this spring on ABC.

Via Venture


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