CBS Continues To Destroy Sherlock Holmes’ Lore, Casts Lucy Liu As Dr. Watson

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Television

Lucy Liu, she was once an A-list actress on top of the world (you know you went to see the midnight showing of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle)…now she’s been reduced to guest starring roles on the television show Southland*.

However, her world just got a bit more crazier as CBS has cast Ms. Lucy Liu as “Dr. Watson” in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes pilot Elementary.  Yep, I had the same thoughts as you are having right now, “wait a minute, wasn’t Dr. Watson played by Judd Law in the movies and now Martin Freeman in the BBC television series Sherlock?  So what gives?”  Well, I can tell you for a fact getting Johnny Lee Miller cast as Sherlock Holmes won’t help you much.  CBS feels the need to capitalize on England’s sweeping sensation of the BBC’s Sherlock…but really, this is just another Americanization of something going on across the pond and we’re only going to fuck it up, to be frank with you.

Don’t get me wrong, this pilot could take the country by storm but taking this show seriously is proving to be difficult enough as it is without them screwing up an iconic character such as Dr. Watson.

*Let the record reflect that I think Southland is the best show on television and Lucy Lui’s character has added much needed depth to the show.



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