Bryan Cranston Wears ‘Breaking Bad’ Chuck Taylor’s, Instantly Becomes Coolest Actor Alive

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Poop, Television

There are your “cool” actors and then there are your cool actors.   It just so happens to be that Bryan Cranston is one of those cool actors.  As it turns out Bryan Cranston, better known as “Walter White” in the AMC television show Breaking Bad, wore a pair of Breaking Bad Chuck Taylor Converse tennis shoes with Walter White’s face on the sides of them to the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

The shoe’s artwork is done by Jon Defreest who does these shoes and makes them look totally badass, you can see his other work through here.  They’re becoming increasingly more popular that Tauntr launched a store selling the shoes exclusively.    They will run you a cool $85 plus shipping and handling.

Oh yea, there are some Dexter and Walking Dead Chuck’s as well.  It’s like everyone’s dream come true.  EVERYONE’S. 

Via Uproxx



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