The Rudd-iston Comedy ‘Wanderlust’ Gets Red Banded

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Movies

Those of you who have been reading I Heard You Liked This long enough already know that I have a special place for Paul Rudd in my repertoire of actors.  I think he’s charming, wholesome, and incredibly funny.  It’s precisely the reason I can’t wrap my head around his latest comedy Wanderlust co-starring everyone’s most famous has-been, Jennifer Aniston.   I don’t completely know if this is a movie starring the brilliant Rudd or if it’s a romantic comedy set in an R-rated film, with equal screen time given to Aniston as well.  Because if it’s the latter you can count me out.

It’s not that I don’t like Jennifer Aniston, I just don’t like her.  Rudd on the other hand, yep, he’s my dude.

The film is about a couple who want to escape the confines of a bustling New York City and go the more serene, scenic route and happen to stumble upon a nudist colony.  Not only is this encampment they find a nudist colony, it also happens to be a place where you can throw all of your sexual inhibitions to the wind.  Paul Rudd in this particular setting already has me pre-ordering my cinema tickets.  Jennifer Aniston’s placement here however makes me want to throw kittens off of 10 story buildings.  Do you see my dilemma?

David Wain is the director for the film (Role Models, Wet Hot) so there is that one shining aspect.  But seriously, how does one movie aficionado approach this film?

Check out the movie’s latest red-band trailer (probably not the best video to watch at work…).


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