‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Lunch Truck Reveals ‘The Bat’

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Movies, Poop

Every day I wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, and put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.  Every day I dream of buying lunch from a “roach coach” decked out in The Dark Knight Rises decals.  Turns out, I only needed to live in New York City!

Warner Bros. decided that it would be an extremely cool idea to take a lunch truck, dress it up in the upcoming film’s merchandise, and take it to the New York Toy Fair.  Genius!  Sell tacos and bring awareness to arguably the most anticipated trilogy finale of all time!  The real kicker to this whole thing, however, is the fact that Warner Bros. used an actual image of Batman’s newest vehicle – labeled “The Bat” – for the first time.

It should be noted that this is not the first time we’ve seen “The Bat”, set photos and upcoming toys have been spotted around the world, but this is the actual first image confirming the vehicle’s existence.

“‘The Bat’, holy shit that’s an awesome and original name for Batman’s flying machine!” – overheard someone saying NEVER.

The Dark Knight Rises is out in July.

Via Uproxx


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