Sony Raises Price Of Whitney Houston’s Music Just 30 Minutes After She Died

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Music

If you weren’t aware that the music business was cutthroat as it is, here is further proof.  The Guardian is reporting that just 30 minutes after pop-icon Whitney Houston’s death, Sony Music raised the price of her music by 60% on iTunes and Amazon regarding her Ultimate Collection album.

The website Next Web says this;

It appears that within 30 minutes of Houston’s death becoming public, the price of the artist’s The Ultimate Collection album (released in 2007) rose from £4.99 to £7.99. Some iTunes users told DigitalSpy that as the price change propagated, the album became unavailable to download.

Immediately, users began accusing Apple of taking advantage of the singer’s death, ramping up pricing in order to profit from the announcement. By Sunday evening, the album had returned to its original price…As it turns out, the Sony Music was responsible for the price increase after it increased the wholesale price of The Ultimate Collection.

Now, couple this with the big music company’s trying to force SOPA and PIPA against us and the world.  Yes, my friends, I would say its ok if you torrent that classic album you want to listen to. There’s nothing worse than a company capitalizing on the death of an icon.

F*ck you, Sony, f*ck you.


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