Get Used To That ‘Rapping Chick’, Karmin Ain’t Going Nowhere

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Music

What began as a YouTube sensation, with a couple of thousand views, the musical duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan quickly became internet sensations when they took Chris Brown’s (yes, that joker) “Look At Me Now” and perfected it in a way that not even Chris Brown with the help of Busta Rhymes could do.  After a couple other covers of relevant pop music, the duo – now dubbed “Karmin” – was quickly signed up by Epic Records due to their over-whelmingly increasing popularity.

It seems like over night the duo became stars as they’ve already released the single “Crash Your Party” to their upcoming debut album “Inside Out”, accompanied with a very watchable music video.  Their success has been capped off with “Crash Your Party” making the radio circuit around the country.  Now they’ve reached the pinnacle of stardom, getting the musical guest spot on NBC’s Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Here’s the thing with Karmin, they may sound like your average Katy Perry/Jessie J knock-off but it’s Heidemann’s ability to rap and string together breathtaking verses with ease that set them apart from the rest.  They’re really a breath of fresh air and I’m glad their success garnered from the internet has actually paid off.

Catchy tunes plus the chick’s pretty hot, what’s not to like?

Check out their SNL vids:



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