Batman: The Musical – Check Out These Fictional Caped Crusader Movies

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Movies

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters this summer and it will mark the end of the most iconic film trilogy to hit since the Back to the Future franchise.  Of course I’m talking about Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and the depth they brought not only the superhero genre of movies but to gritty crime dramas as well.

Warner Bros. have already stated that once The Dark Knight Rises has had its moment in the spotlight work will begin on rebooting the Caped Crusader, much like Sony did with the Spider-Man franchise after Spider-Man 3.  There’s no telling what the production company’s have planned or how they plan to change the way we view the Dark Knight, but it’s coming so we might as well start thinking about it now.  It’s precisely what Hero Complex writer Geoff Boucher and graphic artist Sean Hartter have done by concocting more than 15 different Batman reboots, with the theme of yester-year in mind.

Gotham! – The Musical

I might could get behind a film where Rob Marshall is the director of a Batman movie…but that’s about where it ends.  I’m as big of fan of Hugh Jackman as the next guy and he’d probably play a pretty good Bruce Wayne, but…ah…no.  Johnny Depp as the Joker intrigues me and Beyonce as Catwoman is pretty awesome.  However, Zac Efron as Dick Grayson (or Robin) is terribad.  Michael Mann writing the script only means that the movie will end up being great for the first three-fourths, while the ending sucks.

Batman –

Guillermo del Toro directing means eye-popping visuals with bad guys with flair.  I’m not behind Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (From Paris with Love, August Rush) at all and Ben Kingsley as Dr. Doug Jones is intriguing but not enough to get me to pay to see this film.  The movie looks to be an origins story based off a young Bruce Wayne, and while Guillermo del Toro knows how to tell a story I think he’d be in over his head with the Batman franchise.

Mister Freeze’s Icy Revenge –

Brad Bird is the next great action director and after Mission Impossible 4 I’m a believer in his work (The Incredibles was even better).  Timothy Olyphant as Bruce Wayne/Batman might be an underrated casting choice, although I think he might be too “down home” to play a rich boy millionaire.  Kevin Spacey as Mister Freeze is a real good choice as the villain (although his looming Lex Luthor casting a couple of years ago might make DC fanboys cringe).  Zoe Saldana is a nice choice as the love interest.  I’m not completely sold on the premise but if you take Brad Bird, pair him with Gotham!’s cast, and Guillermo del Toro’s writing…you might have the greatest superhero movie every made.

Via Los Angeles Times


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