Best Commercials Of Super Bowl 46

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Television

The Super Bowl was on tonight and while (at the time of me posting this) the winner was undecided, let’s be honest, you don’t watch the Super Bowl for the football.  The Super Bowl commercials have long been the true reason we plop our fat asses down in front of the television on the first weekend of February and watch two teams grabbing at supremacy known as the NFL Champions.

Every year there are a few commercials that stand out for one reason or another…let’s explore this year’s.


Etrade – Fatherhood

The Etrade baby is back…and looking a bit older, and wiser. – Confidence

Something about having a smaller head coming out of your back singing about wanting a car had me rolling. 


Telaflora – Adriana Lima

Probably my favorite commercial for all of the wrong reasons.  Seriously though, Adriana Lima.  That is all.


Chevy: Sonic Anthem – Featuring FUN

My favorite commercial for all of the right reasons, mainly because I love FUN but that car looks pretty “fun” to drive too.


Sketchers – Go Run Mr. Quiggly!

Probably one of the only commercials to make me laugh out loud during the Super Bowl. 


M&M – Just My Shell

One of the first commercials to air during the SB, was pretty funny. 


Fiat – Seduction

Another pretty sexy commercial but you’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to buy a Fiat. 


Audi – Vampire Party

I thought it was funny mainly because they were making fun of Twilight the entire time. 


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