Mel Gibson Has A New Movie, Do You Care?

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Movies

Amongst my favorite actors in showbizz are Will Smith, Sean Connery, and Mel Gibson.  Will Smith has slowed his career down a ton, Sean Connery is retired and hasn’t been seen or heard from in years, and Mel Gibson is one bottle of Scotch away from killing himself.  Oh, the company I keep.  Of those three actors perhaps my all-time fav would be Gibson but him and I have grown distant over the years.

From one slur-filled tirade to another, slowly I’ve distanced myself from Braveheart.  However, Gibson has made a pretty nice comeback in his acting career starting with 2010’s Edge of Darkness and last year’s The Beaver, which is a little surprising seeing this straight to DVD affair he has coming our way in Get the Gringo.

The film stars Gibson as a long-time criminal who is kidnapped by a group of Mexicans and put into a Federali prison.  He has to learn to survive and live with the help of some 9 year old kid.  Kind of like Indiana Jones and that little Asian boy running around in The Temple of Doom.  Here’s the buzz surrounding the movie…it was originally titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation then Gibson went on that hate filled rant against his ex-girlfriend, called her some names, threatened to kill her and bury her in a shallow grave, and then called it good.  Well, the films producers didn’t like that and probably thought Gibson’s tirade was just the start of another down hill slope for the once “Sexiest Man Alive”, so they changed the film’s title to Get the Gringo and made it direct to the Redbox.

Gibson is honestly attempting an acting comeback, so I’m excited to see him another edgy film.  Although there is some hesitation on my part to even waste my time.


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