Ryan Gosling Is Not Bringing Sexy Back

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Poop

Ryan Gosling, ever since that love-filled sap-fest of a film The Notebook, has been a favorite of the ladies.  He’s been named the world’s sexiest man alive by publications before, he’s made pretty good movies, and he’s been nominated for film awards.  However, all that takes a back seat when Baby Goose loses his sexy to a soccer player who’s a shell of his former self.

Yep, the magazine “Heat”, never heard of it…usually don’t care, has named David Beckham the world’s sexiest man alive over Ryan Gosling.  When Baby Goose gets snubbed, I take note.  There’s a difference between Gosling getting passed over for an Academy Award (looking at you Demian Bichir…) and getting passed over as the world’s best looking dude.  Being a good looking guy myself, this news saddens me.  Not because I think David Beckham is one ugly mf’er, it’s because Baby Goose is just that handsome.

Perhaps I should just post this unspeakable top 25, huh?

1) David Beckham

2) Ryan Gosling

3) Ryan Reynolds

4) Bradley Cooper

5) Jake Gyllenhaal

6) Robert Pattinson (lolwut?)

7) Tom Hardy

8) Johnny Depp

9) Hugh Jackman

10) Zac Efron

11) George Clooney

12) Harry Judd (who?)

13) Gary Barlow

14) Adam Levine

15) Gerard Butler

16) James Franco

17) Taylor Lautner

18) Harry Styles

19) Brad Pitt

20) Orlando Bloom

21) Justin Timberlake

22) Olly Murs

23) Ian Somerhalder

24) Michael Fassbender

25) Tinie Tempah (lol)


Via Digital Spy


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