Box Office Results 1-29-2012: Liam Neeson Still Kicks Ass

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Movies

This past weekend’s box office results were a tad bit surprising considering Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld movie is still performing at a high level, bring in major bucks.  However, the more surprising fact about the weekend that was in the movie theaters is that people are lining up to watch Liam Neeson kick some ass.  It doesn’t matter what kind of ass he’s kicking as long as he’s kicking it.  It could be Star Wars droid ass, sex slaver ass, or wolf ass…ass will be kicked!

A quick recap of the top five; The Grey brought in $20 million making it one of Neeson’s highest grossing openings as a lead actor in his career.  Especially considering we are in the dead zone for movies (usually between January and March).  Coming in at number two was Beckinsale’s Underworld Awakening making nearly $13 million in its second week.  The fact that people are still flocking to see this shit storm of a film has my face squarely planted in my palm.   The third highest grossing movie this past weekend was the Katherine Heigl side-show…erm…film One for the Money, raking in nearly $12 million.  Katherine Heigl seems to think that she’s the next Jennifer Aniston, but sadly she’s more the next Sarah Jessica-Parker, minus the horse face.  Fourth in the box office listings was the World War II action-aviation title Red Tails with $10 million.  I’m still flabbergasted that a LucasFilm project chose to bring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrance Howard as their main attraction.  Yikes.  Still, George Lucas hasn’t been making sound movie decisions lately (have you seen the trailers for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D?).  Ringing out the fifth spot was perhaps the most thought provoking title for a movie we’ve ever seen in Man on a Ledge.  The film is literally about a man standing on a ledge of a building.  Shit.  You.  Not.  Who would’ve thought?  The film brought in a highly disappointing $8 million.

Here’s a run down of the top 10 films this weekend:

weekend gross (total) *numbers in millions*


1) The Grey – $20 (NEW)

2) Underworld Awakening – $12.5 ($45.1)

3) One for the Money – $11.7 (NEW)

4) Red Tails – $10.4 ($33.7)

5) Man on a Ledge – $8.3 (NEW)

6) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – $7.1 ($21.1)

7) The Descendants – $6.55 ($55.8)

8) Contraband – $6.5 ($56.4)

9) Beauty and the Beast 3D – $5.3 ($41.1)

10) Haywire – $4 ($11)


*I’m a bit surprised how poorly Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire has done.  It was arguably one of the best movies in theaters over this weekend, featured non-stop action, a great plot, good acting, and a hot chick whooping everyone’s ass.  What gives? *


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