Dwight Schrute To Get ‘The Office’ Spin-Off

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Television

The Office (the U.S. version, silly) has been airing on NBC for nearly nine seasons and quite frankly, it’s waaaaaay past it’s prime.  That’s why when I learned today that the peacock network is planning a Office spin-off series centered around Dwight Schrute and Schrute Farms, I scratched my head.  Not because I don’t think Rainn Wilson’s character on the once-hit TV show isn’t funny or deserve it, it’s because the characters aren’t relevant anymore.

The Deadline report claims that nothing is official and even Wilson tweeted yesterday “Don’t believe everything you read in the press, ok”.  So, I’m not going to believe it until it’s official.  The rumors also claim that the spin-off will being mid-2013.

What will be interesting though is what characters the spin-off keeps around, if any.  My vote would be for Toby and Meredith, really though Meredith should be getting the spin-off, not Dwight.  Can you imagine a Office spin-off full of crack whores, redneck trash, and drug running?  Yep, Meredith should be getting the show, not Dwight.

Stay tuned!


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