Is Shane From ‘The Walking Dead’ Leaving The Show?

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Television

According to a Variety report Jon Bernthal, co-star on the AMC television series The Walking Dead, is being courted to star in a TNT period-drama L.A. Noire.  The upcoming television series is being produced by The Walking Dead season 1 developer and producer Frank Darabont.  Bernthal would play the part of “Joe Teague”, the lead detective for the L.A.P.D. in their war against mobster Mickey Cohen.   There’s only one catch however, Bernthal couldn’t possibly do both shows.

Darabont, who left The Walking Dead after the first season in which he reportedly clashed with studio management, has a history of working with the same group of actors (ala Chris Nolan).  Bernthal, who plays the character of Shane on The Walking Dead, is one of the show’s main pieces as he’s the “anti-hero”, the non-zombie villain.  During season 2 of the zombie-thriller Shane’s character has been at odds with the show’s main “hero” Andrew Lincoln (played by Rick Grimes).  It’s been long speculated that one of them had to go and the way the current season is shaping up it looks like Shane will get the boot.

The biggest mistake and maybe the death nail in the show (as the writing hasn’t been on par with season 1) would be to kill off Shane’s character.  His character is someone you can relate to and compare yourself with given the situation.  After watching every week’s episode I’m constantly asking myself “what would Shane do?”

There’s also the idea that Shane’s character could take on a diminished role, but what would be the sense in that?  You don’t make a show’s main character some side-dish that everyone forgets about.

Something to keep your eyes on once season 2 of The Walking Dead starts back up on February 12 on AMC.

Via WarmingGlow



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