Capsized Cruise Ship Captain Is A Dumbass & A Coward

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Poop

If you haven’t heard yet, an Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, was capsized off of the coast of the tiny island of Giglio a few days ago.  So far the death toll is up to 11 people while 21 are still missing.  What makes this matter even worse is that the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, pretty much is responsible for it all.

Schettino made an unadvised diversion from the ship’s predetermined course into rough seas, reportedly, because he wanted to take the ship’s head chef by the island because he grew up there.  Say what?  You mean this douche bag deviated from the planned course/route all because he wanted to let some chef take some pictures of an island.  Where do I line up to slap this dumbass?

Schettino stated himself, after the incident, that he made a “tourist navigation”.  Let’s backtrack through, while the ship was capsizing this asshole decided to abandon the ship himself.  You know that old mantra “the captain goes down with the ship”, yep…not this guy.  It got so bad that the Italian Coast Guard, who was quick to the scene of the crime (because, frankly, it was a crime…Schettino was arrested once he reached dry land), ordered Schettino to go back to the capsized ship and oversee the evacuation of the ship’s stranded passengers.  The captain stated to the Coast Guard that he ended up off the ship and in a life raft headed toward shore while thousands of people were drowning or near drowning, all due to him falling off the ship and into the water.  The Coast Guard literally had to threaten Schettino to get him to go back to his ship.  Once again, I will pay someone to waterboard this guy.  Seriously.

Among the missing is a 5-year old little girl Dayana Arlotti who was on vacation with her father and her father’s girlfriend.  Her father is also missing.  For Arlotti’s mother, it’s a devastating time as she frantically waits for any word regarding her daughter’s whereabouts.

“I last heard from her on Thursday,” when she waved goodbye at school, Albertini, 28, told the La Voce di Romagna newspaper.

“The absurd thing is that no one can tell me anything, and what little I know is from the newspapers,” she said. “Sometimes they ask absurd questions, like if my daughter knows how to swim. Do they understand she is 5 years old? What kind of question is that?”

Another amongst the missing and now recovered deceased is one of the ship’s entertainers, Sandor Feher.  Feher, a Hungarian citizen, was identified by his mother after his body was recovered.  According to witness accounts, Feher was spotted aboard the ship while it was capsizing putting life jackets onto small children before heading back inside the ship.  Feher is being touted as a hero, and quite frankly he is.  This man died because some asshole captain decided to do a favor for the guy that cooks his meals.  A small girl will likely never see her sixth birthday because this shithead decided it was going to be cool to show everyone “hey, look at me, I’m Captain Ron!” and the careens his ship into a barrier reef.  Never mind waterboarding, I’ll line up to kill this guy myself.

Schettino was arrested upon arriving on shore and placed in jail.  An Italian judge was tasked with deciding whether or not to keep Schettino in jail or release him pending a trial.  Federal prosecutors plan to petition the ruling, the judge stated the reasoning behind placing Schettino on house arrest was because he was not a flight risk.  Somebody should kidnap Schettino, push him out of a plane, and see how much of a flight risk he can be.

Schettino faces 12 years in an Italian prison for the charges presented against him.

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Let me say this, that Italian Coast Guard captain that is telling Schettino to get back on the capsized ship should be given a damn medal.  Dude took charge of the situation and put that coward in his place.  Here he is, Gregorio De Falco, and he’s a damned hero.

“Perhaps you saved yourself from the sea, but I’ll make you pay for this, dammit!” – De Falco yelling to Schettino after Schettino had abandoned his capsized cruise ship and left passengers behind.  Someone engrave this on a plaque and put it on a damned monument.  Holy crap I’m hyped up for the movie!




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